Membership Pricing Coming Soon!

As we all know, being a goddess takes more than just a random beauty treatment here and there. True royalty takes intricate care of themselves, treating their hair, skin, and appearance with pampering indulgence to ensure long-term health and beauty. At LashGoddess the Spa, we’re passionate about helping our patrons enjoy world-class beauty services whenever needed. Our membership program lets you feel like a true goddess yourself by making all of our lash and skincare services accessible and affordable. With perks, discounts, and exclusive deals available only to LashGoddess members, we reward you for treating yourself!

As the local authority on eyelash extensions, waxing services, and microblading, the LashGoddess team is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind program to both new and loyal clients. Make sure to ask about all the details and how to get started at your next appointment.